Bumblebee Camaro Transformer Car Hire In Sydney

Bumblebee Car Hire In Sydney

Are you a fan of Transformers? If so, you’ll probably already recognise our Chevy Camaros as the Bumblebee car that features in the movies. Whether you need to travel in style for a wedding or formal, turn heads at a PR Event. Then CAMS Wedding Muscle Cars is the ideal choice.

You might be a big fan of the TV series or the more recent movies, or maybe you just appreciate iconic American engineering and muscle car aesthetics? Whatever your reasons for choosing our vehicles, they’re sure to be the perfect addition to your event or function in the Sydney area. While our cars unfortunately won’t transform into Autobots, we guarantee that if you decide to use CWMC, we’ll transform your day into one that’s successful and memorable.

Our Bumblebee transformer car combines exceptional performance with iconic looks; ensuring that you have a memorable experience every time you book with us. If you’re looking to turn heads and steal the spotlight, then our American muscle cars fit the bill perfectly. Boasting some impressive specifications, you’ll also soon find out that there’s more to our cars than just visuals. If you’re planning a weekend getaway, then we’re sure you’ll appreciate the V8, 550 horsepower engine as you enjoy the open road scenery.

It’s not just about the cars themselves though. When you choose CWMC, you’re also getting a safe, reliable service that you can trust. We’ve worked hard to build up our reputation as the go-to provider of quality vehicles for a range of events, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with our professionalism, time management, and attention to detail.

Have a read of our terms and conditions, and then simply give us a call or fill out our simple online booking form on the website. We offer a comprehensive service, to ensure everything goes to plan on your big day. Our reasonable prices are also inclusive of drinks and refreshments for full day package bookings and our superior service that you will receive will truly make your special day or event an unforgettable Muscle Car experience.